Yoga Master Post
For those that see all these cool yoga pictures online and are like, “I want to do that! But I have no idea where to even start,” this post is for you! This is a giant master post of yoga videos, guides, tutorials, tips and tricks for you to get started! Whether you’re doing yoga on your own at home, or plan on going to a studio, you can use this master post as a basic guide and reference.
For Beginner Yogis:
The Basics for Yoga Newbies
Yoga Journal 21 Day Challenge
Yoga Beginner’s Guide
Beginner Yoga Breakdown with Tara Stiles
Yoga Routine for Beginner’s with Tara Stiles
Basic Moves for Strength with Tara Stiles
Basic Moves for Balance with Tara Stiles
How-to: Downward Dog by Sara Beth
How-to: Yoga Breath Control by Sara Beth
Yoga for Flexibility
Beginner’s Vinyasa Flow Class
Gentle Flow Yoga Class
Yoga Tips For Beginners
Yoga Series for Beginners
For Intermediate Yogis:
Intermediate Yoga for a Beach Bod
Intermediate Crow Flow
Intermediate Hatha Yoga Flow
Heart-pumping Cardio Yoga Flow
Intermediate Level Poses
Intro to Arm Balances
How-to: Crow and Crane
Yoga For the Core
How to: Wheel Pose
How to: Camel Pose
For Advanced Yogis: 
30 Minute Advanced Yoga Flow
45 Minute Advanced Yoga Flow
Advanced Vinyasa Flow
Hardcore Flow Routine by Tara Stiles
How-to: Perching and Flying Pigeon
How to: Fallen Angel
Forearm Stand to Scorpion Pose
Yoga for Scorpion Pose
6 Steps to Perfecting a Handstand
Perfecting Arm Balances
Side Crow to Fallen Angel
8 Angle Pose
For Everyone: 
Energizing Morning Yoga Routine
Yoga For Detox and Digestion
Yoga For Runners
Yoga For Runners 2
Yoga For Menstrual Cramps
Yoga For Tired Legs
De-Stress Yoga
De-Stress Yoga 2
Yoga For Hip Openers

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Strength training isn’t just lifting weights. It’s ab crunches, It’s squats, It’s push-ups. It’s planks. And if you don’t have a gym membership, don’t tell me you can’t do those 5 minute exercises on your bedroom floor. No excuses (x)

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