Day 11 Binge-Free Challenge

Day 11: What is the hardest thing you’ve had to do? It can be fitness, social, mental, etc.

It’s hard to say, the one season that I ran cross country was absolute torture but I ran so well by the end of the season, from finishing almost last every time to beating a  bunch of my teammate. I miss running like crazy. That’s it guys, I’ve decided, C25k it is. I want to run again. So bad. It’s happening. Now. GO!

Day 7 Binge-Free Challenge

I got pretty behind on these so here’s catchup

Day 7: Are there specific times of day that you have trouble avoiding a binge? How are you working around that now? (Congrats on making it one week!!)

I have trouble avoiding binges at work. Period. Because, at home I’m able to control the types of food I’m around. Out of site, out of mind. But at work, I have to handle donuts and all sorts of foods that I can’t eat. So, if I don’t pack snacks, I’m liable to get super hungry and binge on a bunch of shit

Day 8: A picture of something that makes you smile.

My boyfriend is the person that makes me the most happy anyone has ever made me :) He’s my constant when everything else is changing

Day 9: What inspires you?

Healthy people, looking amazing and living. Music, love, writing, creating. Pretty much being alive inspires me :)

Day 10: A picture of a time in your life you remembering being really happy. How much does binging affect your mood?

This wasn’t too long ago and I met this band and they are super inspiring and amazing. Also I was with one of my very best friends!

Binging makes me feel like shit. Whenever I overeat I feel like I need to starve myself, an obvious holdover from my ED. It’s funny, the more I work to improve myself, the harder it is to push the old disordered thoughts that I had basically gotten rid of.

Day 6 Binge-free Challenge

Day 6: Do you have any fear foods? If so, post a picture of them here. Yep, have the picture on your blog, and try to stop being scared of these foods.

I’m not so sure what you mean here but I think it’s foods that scare me into binges or something? Or things that scare me because they are so unhealthy? If its the latter, then Mcdonald’s is such a fear food for me. I worked there for 11 months and ate there about 3 days a week. It messed up my system so bad. 

uhhhh so not delicious…….. 

Day 5 Binge-free Challenge

Day 5: What do you usually binge on? Do you have certain trigger foods?

Burgers and fries are my foods that I can’t say no to. But I work at dunkin donuts so I have ready access to all that lovely garbage. When I pull the donut case at night I can’t say no to the oreo donuts. They just kill me. Oh and there’s whipped cream….. Gah I just love food way too much and all the things that may kill me haha 

Day 4 Binge-free Challenge

Day 4: A picture of one snack you had today that you felt was a good portion size.

Erm, I forgot today, especially since I went to another family party -_- cupcakes man….. 

ANYWAYS when I eat a banana sliced with a scoop of peanut butter I feel like that’s a good portion size

Day 3 Binge-free Challenge

Day 3: What do you define as a binge?

I define any out of control mass eating as a binge. When I eat, not because I am hungry, but simply because I want to eat. I feel like it all tastes so good that I can’t possibly stop. I just keep eating until I run out of good things to eat or manage to control himself.

Day 2 Binge-free Challenge

Day 2: Post a recent picture of yourself! Don’t body-shame, name two things you like about yourself in this picture.

1: My hair! 

2. I’m looking a lot more toned :) 

Day 1 Binge-free Challenge

Day 1: Why are you doing the 50 day binge free challenge?

Because almost every night that I work, I end up binging on all of the donuts and food that I can eat :-( One donut can pretty much destroy all of my progress and it sucks. So no more donuts, no more carby bread. No more eating everything when I’m hungry. Let’s see if this will keep me honest.