Yummy salad with chicken, granola, and chipotle ranch!
pesto pizza with tomato! A little overdone but still yummy!
frozen yogurt with granola on top and a banana with peanut butter! Yum
"Pizza" mockup with peanut butter and strawberries sliced, with apple chips and water
yummy granola and bananas over greek yogurt!
Guacamole on a lean burger with cheese, jasmyne rice and veggies
Green tea and granola and banana on greek yogurt!
Homemade iced green tea and a veggie and turkey wrap with a bit of red pepper hummus with blueberries!
I just thought of all of you fitblrs when I saw this shopping in the store the other day!
Not gonna lie my mom made this but yum! Blueberry sauce over fresh cod and baked eggplant slices!
My mom made this lovely half greek yogurt half mayo chicken salald and it tastes so amazing! I put tomatoes on it and had hummus, crackers, and blueberries on the side!
I’m trying to remember exactly what I put in it but it has chicken and eggplant that was roasted i think with a bit of hummus! On a whole grain wrap (as always!)
I was so hungry when I first made this that I started eating and forgot that I should take a picture! This is a white “pizza” with skinny cow cheese spread, a bit of mozzerella and tomatoes and peppers!
This was actually really good. Its a salad with just granola and cottage cheese!
this was my lunch! Complete with the one waffle fry on the side! So proud and so delicious and I was the only one not feeling sick afterwards.