I think I’m getting sick :(

I have a sore throat and I’m so exhausted. Blah :( 

Intake was okay until dinner :-P 

Intake (8/17/12)

  • small whole grain pita with peanut butter, cherries, greek yogurt, and blueberries with green tea :)
  • lunch: cheeseburger mini pitas with cheddar, baby spinach, and cottage cheese and granola, on the side on more baby spinach. 
  • south beach diet bar 
  • 4 slices of pizza (semi healthy, little cheese, fresh homemade tomato sauce and a healthier crust)
  • ice cream sandwich (150 cal) 
  • south beach diet bar


Not pleases but okay I guess, I could be eating fast food 

Or dunkin 



  • 20 minutes elliptical

A tumblr workout that I had people send me asks for. My challenge was to do all of it 2 times…. so I did it 4 times….. it amounted to this

  • 100 situps
  • 100 crunches
  • 4 minute calf raises
  • 80 lunges (40 per side) 
  • 80 bicep curls
  • 80 buttlifts (40 per side) 
  • 240 jumping jacks

Not bad, not the shred though, I can’t wait to start insanity :)

Intake (8/10/12)

I just eat too much lately 

If it’s yummy I eat it 

It doesn’t matter if I’m hungry or not :(


  • Banana
  • Tuna on salad, with lots of veggies and a raspberry vinegar
  • 3 peanut butter cookies (healthy style)
  • pita filled with chicken, a cucumber yogurt sauce and tomatoes with a side of jasmyne rice
  • Skinny cow ice cream sandwich (not clean at all I know, but I wanted ice cream so bad)
  • A couple bites of boyfriends taco bell quesadilla (also not clean haha)
  • A south beach diet bar 
  • an apple


  • Two 42 minute sessions on the elliptical while watching Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition, its so incredibly motivating because I push myself because they are doing it and they are morbidly obese, so why can’t I?
  • 30 day shred, level 3, day 27
  • 3x10 alternating between military pressing this log and squatting with it
  • 5 hill sprints up my driveway while it poured! It was a lot of fun :) 

Looking at it like this makes it seem less bad, I think I did a lot better than I thought I did! I worked out like a mad woman, mainly because I was bored and tomorrow is my actual rest day, I haven’t stopped being active since sometime last week….. 

I haven’t done sprints since track! I’ve been thinking about going back to my old highschool to use the track there to workout and start sprints and running but I really don’t want to chance seeing people I know there…. So I’ll probably just stay and do something at home until school starts and I have access to an actual gym!

And hello and welcome to all my new followers! At this rate, the 200 follower promo isn’t too far away! 

My fucking body

feels like shit. Everytime I eat anything, I have a huge stomach ache about an hour later. And it last one and off for a few hours. I hate this. I’m eating clean but am feeling like I’m eating shit all the time. 

Anyways, here’s the intake for the day:

  • Breakfast: Blueberry Voskos Greek Yogurt with granola
  • Lunch: Peanut butter pizza that I will post after with strawberry and banana slices, a few cinnamon apple chips (holy yum) 
  • Snack:Cottage cheese with crackers (the healthy ones, but I cant recall the name) 
  • Dinner: Turkey, american and veggies on a white grinder roll with mayo (the worst thing I’ve eaten in a few days) and a Razzleberry Iced Tea


  • 40 minutes slow elliptical while finishing Supersize Me
  • 20 interval training on the elliptical 
  • Day 13 of the 30 day shred, level 2 
  • sexy time with my boy, even though it was short today it still counts ;)

I love my workouts, but today I am completely exhausted. Like I laid on the floor and didnt want to move just now. It’s also 1 am so I should sleep so I can workout before work tomorrow. That most likely won’t happen but it’s okay because I have no friends anyways :-P Just kidding haha. I had issues with the Shred today because I did it after both my other workouts. But seriously guys, it’s time for bed now (maybe a few posts later) :-P Goodnight all my followers, both old and new :) 

early on in the second workout of the day :) elliptical!
Good Morning Tumblr!

I just woke up, which I know is so lame….. but I’ve been needing the rest lately since my allergies have been kicking my ass. I’m starting the day off right with cardio, on the elliptical that is IN MY HOUSE! The fact that I don’t use it is sooo lame, but I hate having other people watch me work out…. Which is stupid…. which is why I don’t go to the gym…. -_- ANYWAYS I’m going to aim for about 20 minutes but I don’t know how the interval training works so I will have to do some research. Today will also be day 3 of the 30 day shred, since I was too lazy to do it yesterday. That’s right too lazy. I won’t make any excuses. I took a nap instead of working out… SO yeaa….. Gotta make up for it today :D