Hi :)

I have returned.

Hopefully for good because my lifestyle sort of escalated out of control and became super unhealthy.

So here I am, checking in the for day. After a night of drinks and good company, I needed a cleansing day.

I ate:

-A footlong turkey sub on wheat bread with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, a little light mayo and siracha sauce.

-lightly buttered popcorn

-homemade nachos with salsa

I drank soda which I regret but oh well. When I’m not with my boyfriend I don’t drink soda.

Then, I worked out.

-I have been doing a daily hula hooping challenge involving 30 minutes a day of hooping on my waist. I missed 2 days in a row so I owed an hour and a half to my hoops. Check.

-I then did the 30 day shred. Level one day one.

-then I did day 11 of the 30 day yoga challenge I’ve been doing.

So I’m content. I’m easing back into it slowly and I am hopeful I can keep this up!!

I’m done with the excuses

If anyone still follows me, I need you to send me workouts. I promise that no matter what is sent I will do it all before I go to bed. I’m about to shower, I want tons of stuff to do before I go to sleep. I need to work out hard and wake up sore. Halp?


weight loss blog! lets do this together!!

Oh Bob <3

“love is a serious mental disease.” on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/46935885/via/kaja_fredriksen



Damn I love this woman.

love this show

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weight loss blog! lets do this together!!

I had the worst bloody nose of my life today, I bled for more than a half an hour. It was ridiculous. When I was done I ate a huge sub and a bunch of chips because it just left my body feeling like absolute garbage. The only bad thing I ate was the chips and a munchkin today I work. 

I need to start setting up my weekend queue again, and for when I have classes that go late into the night and such. 

I love you all, I will come back to my daily logs when school begins and my life stops freaking out randomly. 



Watching Biggest Loser right now, Bob’s pushing them so hard and he’s still like “PLEASE don’t stop.” I look up to him.

I love this man

this is like my favorite show