Hi :)

I have returned.

Hopefully for good because my lifestyle sort of escalated out of control and became super unhealthy.

So here I am, checking in the for day. After a night of drinks and good company, I needed a cleansing day.

I ate:

-A footlong turkey sub on wheat bread with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, a little light mayo and siracha sauce.

-lightly buttered popcorn

-homemade nachos with salsa

I drank soda which I regret but oh well. When I’m not with my boyfriend I don’t drink soda.

Then, I worked out.

-I have been doing a daily hula hooping challenge involving 30 minutes a day of hooping on my waist. I missed 2 days in a row so I owed an hour and a half to my hoops. Check.

-I then did the 30 day shred. Level one day one.

-then I did day 11 of the 30 day yoga challenge I’ve been doing.

So I’m content. I’m easing back into it slowly and I am hopeful I can keep this up!!

Guys, this is horrifying... Go speak out against this ↘

Girls looking for “pro-ana” texting buddies. Post something even if it is like talking to a wall. These girls need people with sense to talk to. Online social anorexia is the worst thing out there

I’m done with the excuses

If anyone still follows me, I need you to send me workouts. I promise that no matter what is sent I will do it all before I go to bed. I’m about to shower, I want tons of stuff to do before I go to sleep. I need to work out hard and wake up sore. Halp?


weight loss blog! lets do this together!!

Oh Bob <3

“love is a serious mental disease.” on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/46935885/via/kaja_fredriksen



Damn I love this woman.

love this show

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weight loss blog! lets do this together!!

I had the worst bloody nose of my life today, I bled for more than a half an hour. It was ridiculous. When I was done I ate a huge sub and a bunch of chips because it just left my body feeling like absolute garbage. The only bad thing I ate was the chips and a munchkin today I work. 

I need to start setting up my weekend queue again, and for when I have classes that go late into the night and such. 

I love you all, I will come back to my daily logs when school begins and my life stops freaking out randomly. 

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So I tried to come home from work and go down my driveway. The only problem was that when I tried to go down my driveway, I could not stop and casually slid past it. Then I tried to turn into my neighbors driveway and casually slid past that. I had to let my car go up my neighbors driveway a ways so that I could get turned around. 

Then I got stuck going up this pussy little hill. And now it’s 11:20. And I have to work at 7 am and my car is parked down the road and ugh. Oh, I have to work out before bed.

Congrutlions(YGS anyone?) 



I’m not writing intake. I’m going to face my workout and then see if I’m up to it. Awesome..